FLASH – Red Horse Kicks

Came in on notification at 11:20 EST August 26,2021. The disasterous situation in Kabul and the evacuation efforts has just had a swift kick in the… Hey Joe__ whatcha ya gonna do with that pen in your hand? The USA (Manasseh) has just had an embarassing slap in the face. Will this turn into anotherContinue reading “FLASH – Red Horse Kicks”

Conquering and To Conquer

Now that Pfizer has gained the function of approval for their vaccine, much shock and awe will be forthcoming. Mandates are a surety now! Has the liberty of freedom of choice over the jurisidiction of one’s own body come to an end? What’s good for the gooselings isn’t always good for the goose, who hasContinue reading “Conquering and To Conquer”

White Horse Jumps Hurdle

THE TYRANNY HAS ONLY BEGUN! The news that everyone has feared! Now that this hurdle has been cleared, we don’t have to guess what’s next. We also know why! Faucinstein has one of his Igors in a very high high place. He not only wears a white cotten cloak, he’s also making loads of moneyContinue reading “White Horse Jumps Hurdle”

White Horse Update 8/21/21

More and more comes out each week about the poison called vaccine. It is not just on-site side effects that only last a few hours or days. There are adverse effects that happen immediately while others can take several days or weeks. Long term effects aren’t even come to the surface yet, however, there areContinue reading “White Horse Update 8/21/21”

Who’s Who in the Videos

Now, look at this recent twitter video below. At the beginning there is a white guy with reddish beard hitting people. Not Afgan! Pause it on the ones with guns as it plays. Notice the uniforms and the Taliban white flag armbands. Is this not the Afgan Police? Their Army may have offered validated parkingContinue reading “Who’s Who in the Videos”