Math and Technical Drawing

From Missing Links Chapter V, (The Great Pyramids of Giza Post) Due to erosion of the exterior blocks, the pyramid’s pitch angle measurement of 51 degrees and 52 minutes (51.8667°) would also need to be corrected. There are 60 minutes to a degree in nautical plotting and surveying. There is an 8-minute shortage to aContinue reading “Math and Technical Drawing”


Excerpt from Missing Links, Chapter X: There are several religious beliefs that are also delusions. We have been led into a Babylonian captivity by the doctrines and traditions of men. (2 Th. 2:10-12; Is. 66:4) These two passages are the only places the word delusion(s) is used in the entire Bible. The Hebrew word forContinue reading “THE GREAT FALSE HOPE”

The Way of the Dinosaurs

Privacy has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Our science books told us that the dinosaurs became extinct through a gradual process, until a cataclysmic event wiped then all out. The meat eaters would eat the herbivores until they were all gone. Talk about cleaning your plate. Then the larger meat eaters would eat theContinue reading “The Way of the Dinosaurs”

Cosmic Clockworks II

There is another epochal period of time that happens every 19 years andwe’ll call it Epoch-19. [Woo Nelly, that’s COVID’s number!] The sacred calendar for keeping track of Gods holy festivals is a lunar type based on the moon phases. Each month begins on the new moon (crowning not conjunction) and the new moon nearestContinue reading “Cosmic Clockworks II”

Cosmic Clockworks I

 Mankind is obsessed with time. Time to go to work, get off work, cook, eat, go grocery shopping, play, travel, eat out, watch the game, sleep, file taxes and vote for those who determine the taxes to be paid. Time is spent on collecting taxes on everything under the sun, which is never enough, soContinue reading “Cosmic Clockworks I”