Russia/Ukraine War & NATO

In order to keep NATO and the U.S. “actively” out of the Russian/Ukraine war requires much careful calculation. The slightest miscalculation can only lead to global war. All NATO has to do is not cross one single line into Ukraine’s territory while Russia destroys it. As for the Ukrainians, all they know is “There’s noContinue reading “Russia/Ukraine War & NATO”

A Tri-Horse Review

The White Horse Since the white horse began its ride in the spring of 2020 here in the good ole USA and the demand for a vaccine was placed into warp speed by one Captain of the Starship who was up for reassignment or continuation of command that year, the new Captain assigned command mandatedContinue reading “A Tri-Horse Review”

A New Alliance Rising

*Iran has been upgraded to permanent member status in the Eurasian alliance, of which Turkey is also a partner. Read more: *Turkey lies at the geographic center of the conflict as calls from Kyiv grow for Ankara to close the straits to the Black Sea to Russia’s navy. Read more: *A new alliance is formingContinue reading “A New Alliance Rising”


In October of 1962 while in the third grade, I do remember the Cuba Missile Crisis. The USA and the USSR were on the brink of nuclear war. Three JST’s later (60 years), we seem to be on the brink again. (See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in main menu.) In the third grade, we were taughtContinue reading “Escalation?”